Tanzania Post into the full swing of digital development

Tanzania Post into the full swing of digital development

 From 13th to 16th February 2021, Tanzania’s capital city, Dodoma, hosted the strategic meeting of Tanzania Posts Corporation (TPC). The three-day gathering enabled TPC Management and Regional Managers to explore and craft strategies that will pave the way for the Post to innovate, survive and excel during the period of pandemic and thereafter, as well as leverage on technology to enhance service delivery.

During the closing ceremony, TPC’s Postmaster General said that Tanzania Post has been engaged for some years in a far-reaching modernization process, in view of the general consensus that nowadays all activities are governed by digitalization. This meeting will therefore enable all participants, each within their own area of responsibility, to ensure that Tanzania Post contributes to the development of the digital economy. The meeting have came up with  resolutions to ensure the Post office is at the heart of business innovation and inclusive services provider.


Equally in attendance on 16th February was PAPU’s Secretary General, Younouss Djibrine. His keynote speech highlighted the Post’s contribution to the development of the digital economy and emphasized that the ongoing ICT boom offers a unique opportunity for the development of postal services in Africa. He advised participants to seize and maximize the opportunity, accordingly. He therefore urged Tanzania to join other countries in coming up with new management models that are informed by ongoing developments in the global communications world.

In pursuing his remarks, he reiterated that innovation is no longer an option, adding that the Post must devote all its energy accordingly and equally engage with external stakeholders. “We must either innovate or become irrelevant. I know I can count on each one of us in this endeavor,” he said. “The Pan African Postal Union remains at your disposal to support you in whatever capacity and within the limits of its available resources,” he added. And concluded that:  “…ICTs are the new name for development”.

To wrap up the closing ceremony chaired by Dr. Faustine Ndugulile, Tanzania’s Minister of Communication and Information Technology, TPC Regional Managers were presented with 24 laptops to bring them up to speed with their counterparts in the current digital world.