Africa Tackles Remuneration Issues in Arusha

Africa Tackles Remuneration Issues in Arusha

In collaboration with PAPU, the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania and La Poste France, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) is holding a Round Table on Remuneration for the Africa Region in the city of Arusha from 21st to 23rd January 2020.

In his introductory remarks during the official opening ceremony, the PAPU Secretary General, Younouss Djibrine, underscored that the UPU and PAPU continue to cooperate and closely work together to ensure that the development of postal services in Africa is guaranteed.

Speaking to participants, the PAPU scribe highlighted the paramount importance of some of the aspects to be unpacked during the Arusha deliberations, namely: the Integrated Product Plan (IPP), the Integrated Remuneration Plan (IRP), a roadmap for the development of an Integrated Remuneration System (IRS), an overview of Remuneration Systems in the current Congress Cycle (2018 – 2021), the remuneration response to the Integrated Product Plan (proposed changes to the portfolio of services), the outcome of the Third Extraordinary Congress on Remuneration Review, implementation of E-format Remuneration, proposals for an integrated remuneration system covering basic letter post services (P & G), supplementary services and parcel post, summary of proposals and documentation for the 2020 Congress, and the Abidjan Business Plan – Working Proposals for development and implementation of an IRP and IRS.

Mr. Djibrine urged participants to deliberate with unity of purpose in order to come up with common and shared outcomes, just like we did during the 3rd Extra Ordinary Congress in Geneva where Africa made its voice heard through the now famous “TEAM Approach” (Together Everyone Achieves More!).
Earlier speakers before the PAPU Secretary General included the UPU representative, Mr. Altamir Linhares (Programme Manager, Remuneration Governance, Development and Integration), and the Postmaster General of Tanzania Posts Corporation, Mr. Hassan Mwang’Ombe.

At the end of the round table, certificates were given to participants from 42 countries.


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UPU Presentation Rountable on remuneration

UPU Presentation Rountable on remuneration1

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